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What is a 2 in 1 baby jhula? For example, there is a jhula and rocker combo, a jhula combo and a lounger, a cradle combo and a lounger, and you will see the high chair and jhula combo.  2 in 1 equipment is quite "cheaper" than normal types, because you saved a lot of money by buying another one.  On top of that, getting the best 2 in 1 baby jhula can be the perfect option for a small apartment.

Imagine your house is full of baby stuff, putting two extra gears makes it difficult to place your feet.  Then there is a baby jhula and rocker combo.  When you do your own business, put the babies in the jhula and let the music and the toys be their friends;  Once you have free time to play with them, use the rocking chair and have a relaxing and intimate time.

Best 2 in 1 Baby Jhula Reviews In India

1. Overall Best 2 in 1 Baby Jhula – Graco Duet Soothe Jhula jhula Rocker

Combo type: Rocker and jhula combo

The metal structure provides a stable and robust user experience.  With its large seat design, it has a longer lifespan and can be used for heavy babies or large babies.  The vibration mode causes babies to sleep deeply and peacefully.  The entire seat cushion is machine washable and breathable, making it super warm and comfortable when you are lying indoors.

With a 5-point harness attached to the seat, the baby has a safe place to stay when you need to do something on your own.  Mobile toys attract babies' attention and effectively calm them down.

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2. Graco 2 in 1 Jhula and Bouncer – Manor Duet Connect LX Jhula

Type of combo: jhula and bouncer combo

Graco never let parents down on quality and design, just like this guy.  The neutral color is suitable for both the little boy and the little girl.  The handles of the swivel seat facilitate the descent of the seat and its use as a deckchair.  With a battery, vibration modes from fast to slow bring a feeling of security to babies, as if they were always in the arms of the parents.

The robust structure with a compact shape saves a lot of floor space, no matter for the jhula or the portable deckchair.  The fabric covered seat belt with a baby head support makes it suitable for newborns.  If you are tired of bouncing it manually, just install the seat and give the babies time to relax while jhulaing back and forth automatically, you can also change it to side jhula.

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3. Fisher Price 2 in 1 Baby Jhula and Rocker – Deluxe Soothe ‘n Play Glider

Combo Type: Rocker and Glider Combo

Being a full size glider jhula, this 2 in 1 unit is fairly compact in the base, which is why it is suitable for a small apartment.  Four legs with non-slip rubbers improve stability and a 3-point harness protects the baby during use.

The transfer from the jhula to the seesaw is simple, the edge of the jhula seat serves as a handle for transport.  With a removable toy tray on the seat, baby enjoys intimate contact with toys, no matter the jhula or rocker.  There are 6 jhula speeds available, and you can choose the one you like the most.

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4. Infant Jhula Bouncer Combo – Fisher Price Woodsy Wonders jhula Jhula

Combo type: Rocker and jhula Jhula combo

Each newborn deserves the best care and soothing, and let the jhula be that of your babies.  This unit inherits the usual simple style of Fisher Price, which makes it adorable but essential, corresponding to different styles of interior decoration.  jhula sideways or back and forth?  You can choose by adjusting the directions of the seat.

Three toys hang on the toy tray, with a mobile turning around.  The five-point harness is always there to protect the safety of the baby.  The soft, breathable fabric cares for baby's tender skin.  For storage or take-out use, you can fold it.

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5. Baby Rocker 2 in 1 - Graco Maxton Duet jhula Jhula graco 2 in 1 Bouncer

Combo type: Rocker and jhula combo

This unit has a seesaw and a jhula, which doubles the pleasure when baby is lying inside.  The maximum weight of the jhula reaches 30 pounds, while for the rocker, the weight capacity is a little smaller, but still does not carry more than 27 pounds for babies.
aking the seat and using it as a rocker is an easy case.  In addition, handles are attached to each side of the jhula, which makes it easier to hold with you.  The AC adapter saves more battery costs and is suitable for indoor use.  You can do nothing with one position, the multi-directional seat allows babies to enjoy more soothing sensations.

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6. Inflatable Seat Jhula - Fisher Price Luxury Jhula Fisher Price 2 in 1 jhula and seat

Type of combo: jhula and rocker combo

Want a baby jhula combo around $ 100?  this unit will probably answer all your requests on an indoor jhula.  The color combination of the unit is bright, lively but also modern.  The comfortable fabric and three adorable toys make it very attractive for babies of different ages.  When they rotate with the mobile, the world enters in peace and all the attention of babies is drawn to it.

As for the power supply, plug it into the wall and you can use it immediately.  Different vibration modes can be changed depending on your baby's weight and preferences.  The deep seat with the seat belt provides overall protection.  Large, you can fold it to store it in the garage or the cellar.

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7. Jhula Rocker Combo - Graco Winfield Duet Gliding jhula
2 in 1 jhula and lounger

Combo type: Rocker and jhula combo

Unlike normal baby jhulas, this one is more compact thanks to its small but solid base.  The control panel is placed under the swivel seat, left for jhula speeds and right for other functions such as music and volume control.  It doubles as a rocker with a removable toy tray.

The unique jhula and slide movements offer more options.  As babies grow, you can adjust the jhula speed faster.  The harness with buckle makes it easy to put on and take off.  When you are free, place your baby in the seat and tilt the jhula back and forth, then you can have a nice intimate time with the babies.

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8. Ingenuity 2 in 1 jhula - Rowan SmartSize 2 in 1 Soothing
 inflatable seat and jhula combo

Type of combo: jhula and rocker combo

However, when you know all of its functions, you will know how valuable it can be.  Although it has many functions, it is small, which saves around 30% of floor space.  The luminous mobile with three toys illuminates the room when you use it at night, but the light is soft enough to protect baby's eyes.

Two inclined positions meet the demand for sleeping and eating.  The oversized seat with easy-to-clean fabric provides comfortable space and a 5-point harness as well as a baby head support are provided for comfort.  It has most of the Bluetooth controls, which allows you to personalize music, images and videos.

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9. Joie Serina 2 in 1 jhula - Petite Tress baby jhula
joy jhula serina 2 in 1

Combo Type: Swivel and Tilt Seat Combo

Going through standard European doors, the level of quality is what you need don't worry much.  The open roof design makes it easy to put babies on and off.  The toy tray not only serves as a place to hang nice toys, but also as a handle to move the seat.

The soft, bright light offers multiple lightness, with 5 natural sounds and songs playing.  To move it, the wheels attached to the device are very useful.  To nap, eat or play, you can adjust from the given three-position tilt.  By jhulaing it back and forth or side to side, babies calm down quickly and easily.

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10. 2 in 1 jhula with Bluetooth control - Primo Smart Voyager convertible jhula
2 in 1 jhula seat

Combined type: jhula and combo highchair

The lifespan of a jhula is relatively short, it is a temporary soothing machine for babies under 1 year old, especially under 6 months old.  However, this high chair and jhula combo is perfect for larger babies to use as a safe place to eat.  In order to support the great weight, the structures it possesses are super robust and stable.

With an activation mode, it goes to the lowest speed once baby starts to cry.  The design of the right seat relieves the pain of babies with reflux and colic.  By connecting it with Bluetooth, you can control music and speeds remotely.  As for the high chair, assemble the feeding tray and even toddlers can use it as a safe place to eat.  Anyway, it is a machine that accompanies children for a long time.

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Is a 2 in 1 jhula worth buying?

Well, I would say that you will hardly regret buying a type of combo unless you choose the one with poor performance.

But Why?

Let's calculate the price first.  Getting a baby jhula costs around $ 150, and when you buy an extra lounger or rocker, it needs an extra $ 50.  On the other hand, if you are on a tight budget, you can get a 2 in 1 jhula with only around $ 120 or $ 130, which is much cheaper.  This is why buying a combined unit is a wise choice.  But what else?

Raising a baby is difficult, you need more than feeding it, but it takes enough patience to take care of them mentally and physically.  To reach this goal, milk powder, diapers, bottles, baby clothes and toys are all in urgent need.  But that's not all they need.  After giving birth in the hospital, they need a crib or a crib to sleep;  For the day, a pacifier is useful to comfort babies;  When it's time to feed, you need a scooter to sit them;  As they get older, you will also need a stroller, walker and other necessary baby equipment.  For a small apartment, fulfilling all the necessities is almost impossible.

In addition, the full-size baby jhula is difficult to move and the portable jhula is less functional.  Only the 2 in 1 jhula constitutes the disadvantages of both types.  The portable rocker or deckchair allows you to take it close to you, while the full-size jhula saves money on battery costs and also offers multiple entertainment.
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